Circumnavigating a Martian Landscape 
Conservatorium-Villum (11°24'12.2"S 6°10'26.5"W)
Opus Tabernam (11°27'08.3"S 6°10'51.9"W)
Arcuatum Cultum (11°22'21.6"S 6°11'22.9"W)
Cratere 016-CB (11°56'14.3"S 6°13'30.0 "W)
“Walk North, out of the Crater”, those were the instructions from the Commander.
“When you reach Waypoint 017-CB, by the Apollo Marker, we will send a recovery team”
The uphill climb was the worst. I tried to conserve every drop of sweat and lick it, but the salt only made me thirstier. The sky turned a deep turquoise and was eerily quiet as I approached the waypoint. Empty and upturned barrels sat next to the semi-buried Apollo spacecraft. Overlooking the crater, I realised, just faintly a few lights nestled between the canyons and craters. I thought to myself, what is this place, was I sent to salvage these settlements and most of all, what happened here?"
TERRA IGNOTA is a speculative project investigating man kind's future-(past) in -habiting planets across the immediate solar system. Confronted with relics from previous space race(s), how could the exploration of extra-terrestrial living contemplate and respond to the destructive imprints we cast on a landscape? 
Project /  Design Competition
Design Team / Yip Siu + Jonas Swienty Andresen 
Year / 2020
Top of Space